Red Robin Bad Robin

It never fails, every so often I'm out with friends and it is settled to eat at Red Robin. I will admit, I am a little biased against Red Robin, due to some past stories of mine but that doesn't stop me from giving that little red bird another try, constantly. So here it goes again...

The Good: Sweet Potato Fries and that's it. They have BOTTOMLESS sweet potato fries. Whenever I go I make sure I get my moneys worth of just sweet potato fries. I'm talking 6-10 baskets full. Well now closer to the hire number and beyond since they have recently reduced the amount of fries delivered. The sweet potato fries come nice and crisp with that soft inside that is oh so delicious. Now I am constantly writing sweet potato fries as to leave no shadow of doubt to which fries I am talking about, because they do have just fries. I'm always impressed how at Red Robin getting the upgraded fries of Parmesan and garlic (which are great combinations) make the fries worse. I thought paying for upgrades were to get, well ... an upgrade. But if you like tasteless soft mushy fries go ahead and get their fries. If you like tasteless soft mushy fries with some white and green stuff thrown at them get their Parmesan and garlic fries. They don't even cook the upgrades with the fries, they just throw them on after the fact. But if you like sweet potato fires get THEM! They themselves are occasionally worth just a trip.

The Change: The Red Robin closest to our house just went through some remodeling. They REMOVED the red robin statue, a signature logo. That's like taking Ronald McDonald and X-ing him from McDonald's, oh wait, they did that too. So like the fast food chain McDonald's, Red Robin is trying to "fancify" themselves. The laid back burger joint is now prim and proper. Not only did they remodel the building they also remodeled their menu. Again trying to make themselves a higher class burger joint with three different burger options: Gourmet, Angus, and Tavern. I'm all for change and letting others change, especially for the good. And if Red Robin wants to change to a $12 burger place let it be! I might start to like them! But please serve me a $12 burger. Something that hits fast food burgers out of the park.

The Other Stuff: I don't say bad, because it's not bad, it's just not good. We ordered four different burgers at our table. I got a a chili burger which appeared to be a 1/2 can of some generic chili slapped on top of a burger all sandwiched between a bun. That's it, no other toppings or flavors: generic chili over cooked unseasoned ground beef. Umm????
We ordered a tavern burger as well to see if the change of additional options would better their standing. So we got the Red's Tavern Double, aka McDouble with a tomato.
We got two other gourmet burgers: Guacamole Bacon and Blue Ribbon. I mean guacamole and bacon, how can that not be good? Again, it wasn't bad, but it wasn't "Gourmet Burgers". They are definitely a step up from McDonald type fast food. But if you are going for a GOOD burger go to SmashBurger. Plus, it's half the price.

Lastly, our waiter was annoyed at something and didn't know the menu at all. We asked her some questions and she made up some answers that contradicted herself.

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