Movie Tavern

Our friends recommended that we check this place out. I was highly skeptical. Who can show movies and serve good quality food? I'm here to tell you that this place does just that!

We were there to see Robin Hood, which was a great movie. I ordered their Chipotle Chicken Sliders. The chipotle sauce is a honey mustard with some chipotle kick to it served on a Hawaiian sweet roll. Like I said, I was skeptical and feared my food would be greasy, burned or just plain nasty. I ended up falling in love! I savored each bite trying to soak up all the flavors the best I could. The sweet yet spicy, soft yet crunch made it onto my top ten favorite meals of restaurant history. The fries were wonderful too!

My husband had one of their burgers and enjoyed his food as well. His favorite part was the button. When you need something, you just turn on your switch and your server comes to see what you need. He now thinks that system should be applied to more places. It saves the server time since they then only come to you when you are ready for them!

I am no longer a skeptic. This system is great! I will certainly be back for dinner and a movie at this place! They are a national chain but only have one location in Colorado, that being the Aurora location. At $8 a movie and about $8 a meal, this is certainly a good deal too!

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