Qdoba Mexican Grill

Alright, I thought this was going to be like Taco time or something. I wasn't expecting GOOD Mexican food from here. It's a chain, I know there are a ton of them in Colorado. My husband often orders for me so he got me a Queso Chicken Burrito. It was pretty good! You pick what you want in it. You can pick what kind of rice, beans, salsa. If you want toppings, you pick from Guacamole, cheese, onion...

You end up with a monster of a burrito! But it's so good I bet you can eat it all in one sitting. It's about $6 a plate and worth every single penny!

The second time I went I had just eaten lunch, wasn't hungry but my Mother in law didn't believe me. She offered me a bite of her steak burrito. Wow, no words can explain the amazing flavor of that great burrito!

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