Waffle House

I've heard of this place many times and never seen one. Don't worry though, earlier this week I was invited to a birthday bash at a Waffle House! Wahoo! I was pretty excited and expected something just like Denny's or IHOP.
I was surprised to see how small the building was. It's a cute little cafe though! You can see the whole kitchen behind the bar stool style counter. You can also choose to sit at a booth but you must have four or more people since there are only 3 of them.
The menu was very simple. There was less than what I expected but that also meant that the prices were lower too. I ordered something like "the special" or similar in name. It was toast, hash browns (I LOVE hash browns and had to order something with some) sausage, eggs and a waffle! No, I can't eat that much but I wanted a waffle, sausage and hash browns and this whole meal came with that and more and was only $6.99!!! What a deal! Gary ordered off the lunch/dinner menu and picked a Philly style steak sandwich. I was pretty excited to sneak a bite!
First bite... eggs. They were cold. Sadly a bad start to a good looking meal! Next bite... hash browns. While tasty, the texture was much like a potato chip. I think they were burnt. I then moved onto the toast. Simply yummy! Just like toast. The sausage was an average sausage with some spice, nothing spectacular and again, kinda cold. So my plate of food wasn't quite a hit but wasn't too horribly bad either.
I tried Gary's sandwich and was thrilled at the yummy taste of goodness. It was good. Not the best Philly style sandwich I've had but it was better than my food! Finally after we were all done with the food in front of us they brought me my waffle. Gary and I were hoping this would be good since it is the Waffle House. Guess what? It was really good! The butter was all melted and the syrup was warm and tasty. The three amazing flavors all together made the waffle the hit of the night! Gary even said it was one of the best waffles ever!
We decided we wont go back since it wasn't anything special and it is a ways away from our house. If it was across the street I might run over for a waffle now and again but their other food was, like I said, nothing special. The overall cleanliness was less than satisfactory but the service was good. Prices were average at about $5-$8 per plate.

And there you have the Waffle House!

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