Crepes N Crepes

Apparently Feb 2nd is International Crepe Day. It's also my sister-in-laws birthday! We had a family gathering at this adorable little restaurant. I wasn't sure what to expect. Once I looked at the menu I was lost! It was all in French! It took me a few seconds to realize that the explanations were under the French terms, once I figured that out I was still overwhelmed with all of the options. Sweet crepe or dinner crepe? So many choices!!!!

Thankfully my husband picked for me, as he often has to do. I ended up with a tomato basil crepe topped with Swiss cheese. I was thrilled at the choice. My husband got a similar dish but with bacon. My mother and father in law both ordered sweet crepes. One ordered strawberry and the other a strawberry banana with nutilla.

I loved my crepe! Well... I should say I loved the inside. I couldn't taste much crepe itself since the inside was so full of goodness. They also brought us pesto and a chili sauce to dip out crepes in. I loved the pesto! It was fresh and really brought out the flavors in my dish.

My poor husband was given a burned crepe. He was far from impressed. He strongly dislikes anything French saying it's all flavorless and over priced. He may be right, I don't know. I can say, my un-burned crepe was very tasty.  We ended our meal with a blueberry crepe. Oh joy! It was delicious! It alone was worth the whole trip.

I would recommend this crepe shop for anyone looking for a light dinner or French style snack. The service was wonderful! The decor was cute and fit the cuisine. Overall, it was a great, unique place to celibate International Crepe Day and Rachelle's birthday!!

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