Village Inn

While traveling, sometimes you find yourself in small towns with less food options. This past weekend while driving through Colorado we found ourselves at a Village Inn. I've never eaten here so I thought it was a great opportunity to report on a simply and common breakfast place that can be found off many exits through the state. 

I was instantly attracted to the VIB option which is only $6. You get to select 4 options off their menu of 30 foods. I selected hash browns, fresh fruit, whole grain pancakes and a strawberry crepe. The fruit was good! It included cantaloupe, watermelon, grapes and strawberries. I always love hash browns! These were obviously the frozen crunchy kind but they were satisfying. 

The crepe was great in the middle! The top and bottoms were crispy rather than soft so I just avoided those sections. I enjoyed the fresh strawberries and creamy center!

I received french toast though I ordered whole grain pancakes. Good thing I like french toast! I just let it go since we were in a hurry. It was pretty good! They used thick Texas style toast and served it with maple syrup. It was certainly a lot of food and a great deal!

My husband ordered their Rio Grande. It includes chicken, peppers, Pepper Jack, Monetary Jack and Cheddar cheeses and salsa! Served on top are eggs of your choice. He thought it was decent. Obviously Villiage Inn isn't a Mexican restaurant but for someone who really likes spicy food, this is a great pick!

My brother in law ordered the Chicken Ranch sandwich. It is served with a side of very seasoned fries. He said it was pretty good!

While the food was decent, Villiage Inn is not a fancy place so don't expect gourmet food. It's fairly cheap and has options to please anyone!

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Village Inn on Urbanspoon
Village Inn on Urbanspoon