I had some family and friends from out of town visiting over Memorial Day weekend. They were all leaving early Monday morning but I thought they needed a good breakfast before facing their long journey home.

I've had my eye on Snooze since I first moved to Denver. Sadly, it's so popular I haven't had time to stand in line and wait to get in. This time I was wise and got there before they even opened. When they opened the doors they sang us cheerful songs and greeted us in.

I knew what I wanted. I wanted the pancake flight so I could try 3 different pancakes. I went for the pineapple upside down, cinnful and pancake of the day which was a blueberry with raspberry topping for the holiday. 
(bottom is the Cinnful, middle is the pineapple upside down and the top is the Memorial Day Special)

Most of the group ordered different varieties of the pancake flight. The most popular favorite was Cinnful. The Reeses was my sister's favorite. I really loved the pineapple upside down but I have a very sweet tooth and LOVED the chocolate, nutty sugar rush as I ate the Cinnful pancake. The blueberry was great but tart.

(closest is the Strawberry Rubarb, middle is the Memorial Day special and the top is the Cinnful) 

(left is the Reeses, middle is the Cinnful and right is Memorial Day Special)
Their breakfast burrito was apparently very tasty and large too! My husband ordered their Huevos Rancheros. In a corn tortilla you find beans, salsa, cheese, eggs and if you choose meat and/or avocado! He really loved this Mexican style breakfast.

(Huevos Rancheros)

My father in law, who loves sea food, ordered the omelet with salmon and cheese fillings. He thought it was "pretty good".

(My mother in law ordered their french toast with strawberries and whipped cream on top!)

 (Someones side of sausage and hash browns. YUM!)

It was fun to see that people with very different tastes all found a favorite on the menu. Even more impressive, they all loved their meals!

I loved my Snooze experience. The ingredients are all top quality and the food is made fresh. The flavors were unique but exceptionally pleasing. I highly suggest heading over to Snooze for a yummy start to your day! Just remember to get there early so you don't have to wait hours for a seat!!

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