Cafe Rio

It seems like everyone in Utah raves about Cafe Rio. My husband and I never went while we lived there because he'd tried it and decided it wasn't all it's worked up to be. I can agree that it is silly how addicted people seem to be.

At any rate, we took a trip to Utah with a friend who is one of those who is in love with Cafe Rio so we had to make a stop for lunch. I was a little excited to try it!

We ordered a cheese quesadilla and a steak burrito. As usual we shared so we could both try the other. I'm going to have to admit, this food was pretty decent. It seemed to be comparable to Qudoba and Chipotle with the only difference being the amazing sauces! The sauces really are what makes Cafe Rio amazing.

For those of you who are either addicted already or want to give Cafe Rio a try, you'll be happy to hear they have two locations here in Colorado! 

Cafe Rio on Urbanspoon

Cafe Rio on Urbanspoon

Cafe Rio on Urbanspoon