Big Burrito

After an incredibly long day and a night out on the town, my husband and I were looking for a cheap restaurant that was open late. We stumbled upon Big Burrito. We were skeptical of this little place especially since it was free of customers and only had one kid inside working. We went in anyway to give it a shot.

I was immediately impressed with the prices! At $6.20 for a full meal, you really can't complain. Well... I suppose you can and I was still a slight bit skeptical at this point. I asked to try a sample of the rice and beans to help determine whether or not I'd order a meal or just a burrito. The rice was bland but the beans made the meal worth it! I ended up getting the burrito and enchilada plate. The enchilada wasn't fully cooked so the cheese wasn't melted. The sauce that it was covered in seemed to be good but I felt it was pretty salty.

The burrito was the highlight! I was pretty impressed with the flavorful meat (beef) that seemed to be good quality. I wouldn't hesitate to order a burrito from this place in the future!

My husband ordered a breakfast burrito, I think it was called the California Burrito. He didn't think it was the greatest burrito or even one he'd rave about but he liked it. We loved the service and we were happy to support this family run business. Though we try not to repeat restaurants, we may be back to get a cheap good meal from Big Burrito!

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