Yak & Yeti

I've driven past Yak & Yeti a time or two. The building is so inviting! I've also heard great things from many friends about the place so when my husband and I needed a date night we headed to the big yellow house for some Indian cuisine.

I don't have a lot of experience with Indian food and didn't have high expectations. Looking at the menu didn't seem to help. I had a hard time really wanting any of the items but we finally came down to ordering Lamb Saag and Chicken Tikka Tandoori. We are familure with Tandoori and we know we like it so it was a safe choice.

The Tandoori didn't disappoint! It was tasty with a bit of a kick to it. It could have used a bit more garlic but overall it was just what we expected.

When the Saag came out I awkwardly said "that looks good" but my mind yelled "that looks incredibly unappetizing". I scooped some of the Saffron Rice onto my plate and topped it with a spoon full of Sagg. I think what happened next was life changing. I fell in love and couldn't stop taking more and more. The creaminess hits your pallet first. Next you get a taste of garlic, ginger and a hint of meat. Once you think the goodness is over your hit with a slight kick of spice. It's amazing! I know I will be craving this again in the near future.

I thought the overall experience here was great. The environment was unique but nice, the service was great and the food was certainly worth going back for.

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