Mecca Grill

My husband and I love Middle Eastern food. It's our second favorite with authentic Mexican being our number one. With that being said, we had to try Mecca.
We went to Mecca around two in the afternoon on a Saturday and we were the only ones there for the majority of the time which was nice. Our waiter was very polite and accommodating until his friends stopped by. He then slacked off, taking ten minutes just to bring us a box. He also turned the music up so loud that my husband and I couldn't hear each other anymore. I wouldn't complain, I like loud music but the atmosphere before was calm and relaxing so to go from a relaxing meal to a night club feel was just odd. One or the other would be nice.
I also have to point out (because it's not obvious), you seat yourself and pay at the counter.
Now, lets talk food. My husband ordered their meat combo (Kafta, Chicken Shawarma, and a chicken Kabob) which also comes with two pittas, hummus, rice and a salad. I like how they bring out the pittas and hummus with the salad out as an appetizer. The presentation was also amazing. We were impressed. The food was delicious too. Our favorite was probably the Shawarma. The Kafta was also amazing but the chicken was pretty boring.
I ordered the Falafel plate. It came with the same sides as the meat combo and my 5 Falafels. I love Falafels! I don't think I've ever had  aFalafel I don't like but these weren't very good. They tasted a lot like flour and not much else. I thought they were a bit too dry and flavorless really. After dunking them in the amazing hummus and garlic paste they weren't too bad.
I highly recommend trying their meat combo! If we go back we'd probably get that again along side a Chicken Shawarma sandwich since their Shawarma was so good. I also have to mention the Mango and Strawberry juice. It was the best drink I think I have ever had! It was devine! The Strawberry juice was good too but the Mago Strawberry is the best.
We really wanted to try their Baklava but our waiter stopped attending to us as I mentioned. I suppose it's just as well. We left with so many leftovers as it was. I just wish we had as excellent service as we did in the beginning. Overall, I recommend Mecca. The food and presentation were exceptional!
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