Melting Pot

Did I write a review for the Melting Pot of Lafayette? I don't remember but if I did, I hope it wasn't a great review. Our server was a little less friendly then he should of been. He did his job just fine. He explained how everything works and brought our food. Maybe I'm crazy but for a $100 dinner, I would hope to get just a little above average service. It was a special anniversary dinner.   I asked if we could get a picture and our server said "later". I didn't particularly like that answer but thought maybe he's busy now?? Anyway, he never did take our picture. I've since wished we had one.   I know it's silly and a server's job isn't to take pictures but I bring this story up for a reason....

We revisited the Melting Pot today. This time we went to their Littleton location.  We made a reservation a few days ago and I was really looking forward to this special afternoon out! When we arrived the reservation desk had a hard time finding our reservation. After looking a bit she realized that our reservation was set for the wrong time. It was a silly little mistake that initially made me wonder if this would just the beginning of another evening of disappointment at the Melting Pot.

We were seated in a nice little booth overlooking Santa Fe (surprisingly entertaining). Our server was a very happy young girl. She took our entire three course order and remembered it!  All three courses!

We started off with their Fiesta Cheese fondue. I was reminded of just how amazing the Melting Pot is as soon as I took that first bite. Wow! The flavors are right on. The cheddar cheese is the strongest flavor with hints of been, salsa and jalapeno to follow. It's perfection. Unfortunately, the best dipper is the bread.  It's just perfect. The apples are great too but certainly not as great as the bread!

Next they brought us our salads. I got my favorite which is their California salad. It's served with the best candied pecans and a raspberry walnut Vinaigrette. It is so good and it's light enough to almost allow you to forget all the calories and fat you just consumed while enjoying the first course.

Once you are finished with your salad the main course begins to heat up. You have to wait a few minutes while each course of fondue heats up enough to be eatable.  Waiting is what makes the Melting Pot the perfect place for a date. My husband loves that we have to sit there and chat while ignoring the time or worldly concerns. It really is relaxing.

Ones our seasoned court bullion fondue is hot enough to cook our food we pull out our cell phones and set the stop watch. The waitress will tell you how long each item will need to cook. If you are like me, you'll want to write it all down but if you are lucky, you will have a husband like mine who will remember it all for you. As we wait the few minutes to enjoy each bite we continue to just chat, relax and ignore the time. I think as far as the food goes, the main course is the least amazing but like I said, it's what offers the best experience.

We were here just to enjoy their lunch special so we didn't get one of the heavenly chocolate fondues. They are to die for though so if you haven't tried it yet you should!

If spending $100 on dinner for two isn't your thing, consider going in for either just the cheese or chocolate fondues (or both). Each is about #15 and I promise they will blow you away!

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