Mr Scrib's Pizza

My family and I just moved from Denver to Michigan on what we are calling our 3 year vacation. We're here for work and are already falling in love.  We have heard that locals hold strong opinions in regards to pizza so naturally as food bloggers, we ventured out and tried a few different joints as soon as we had the chance. Mr Scrib's was the second we tried.

We drove up to this particular location and were shocked and excited to see a drive through! A drive through pizza shop! Are you kidding me?! How neat! The lady at the window was very friendly and kind. She explained how things work, for example... you order at the window and go away for a while till your pizza is ready. Once it is ready you drive back up to the window. You can pay when you order or when you pick up, your choice.

We ordered a pizza for us and a pizza for the kids. Ours had sausage and peppers. The kids' had pepperoni. I wasn't very impressed with the pizza until I snuck a bite of the pepperoni. That one was pepperoni and cheese perfection. The cheese was the perfect consistency. The pepperoni was bursting with savory flavor. It put our bland, boring sausage pizza to shame.  No pizza should be bland or boring. Needless to say, if we go back we'll be sticking to the basic and simple pepperoni. More than likely though, we won't be back.

I like to add a link to restaurants websites but looks like they forgot to renew their domain. Oops!

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