Apple Holler

Imagine...  you are 5 hours into a 9 hour drive. The kids are cranky. The wife is cranky. The husband, being the hero that he is, sees a sign for a farm and restaurant. Without mentioning it he pulls off and parks. That is exactly how we landed at Apple Holler. He claims we were hangry. I believe him, that's a real thing in this household.

We walk into this cute little place. I feel like I've time hopped back into the 90's and landed in hillbilly Timbuktu. When you first walk in you see a cute country store with baked goods, jams, pies and souvenirs. The waiters are dressed in overalls. Everything is dark and every surface is made of wood.

Our young waiter is overly happy and seems helpful. We ask him what's good. He tells us their burger that's stuffed with apples and topped with cheese is great so we order that with a side of onion strings. We ordered our little girls home made macaroni and cheese. We wanted to try a pie so we decided one burger and ask that the pie comes out at the same time.

The waiter comes back with water and gives us 2 straws for the 4 of us.  Next he brings our food. He forgets the pie. We eat our food. The burger was good but there is absolutely no sign of apple anywhere. Either they gave us the wrong burger or their apple stuffed burger has one microscopic apple piece in it. Not sure. It was also under cooked. But! The cheese was good and so were the onions. The girls loved their noodles.

We wait and wait, as we still have 4 hours left on the road with tired kids. We keep waiting. We all take potty breaks. Finally! The waiter comes back and tells us he'll bring our pie. Great... not really the time now buddy. What feels like 10 minutes longer he comes and tells us they don't have any more apple pie and asks if this other flavor (cheery?) will do. We declined. We wanted it with our dinner and by then it was time to get back on the road.

The front is so cute we did take time to take some photos. The farm would have been fun but it was closed.

Overall, I'd not hesitate to check this place out if I were you. I'd just be sure you know it's not a stop into an average diner. You'll be here a while but it's kind of fun.

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