I actually came here simply because I grew up with the owners and love them! I wanted to support their new business. When I arrived I was immediately impressed with the decor! It's among my favorite designs.
I don't remember the names of the food, unfortunately but I ordered a sandwich. We also tried the Pho. Can I just say, hands down, the best sandwich I've ever had?! Setting aside the fact that I know the owners, I LOVE this restaurant.

The food is a tiny bit overpriced but hardly. I feel very comfortable paying what I do for the amazing flavor and experience so in that sense, it's priced perfectly. My husband had to order two sandwiches to walk away full but I was well satisfied with the one. I loved the spice and I wish I could begin to explain the bold flavors.

They also offer awesome drinks! They honestly offer more drinks than I could have imagined myself. Great stuff!

Update: Sadly, as I was looking at their blog I learned that this great restaurant closed its doors December 2009. For those of you who didn't have the honor to try their great menu, I'm sorry! Maybe they should come live in Denver! Food seems to be a big hit in this town!

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