Pizzeria 712

Want to know what one of my pet peeves is? Making pizza expensive, taking away it's goodness and calling it hip. Shall I continue?

Allow me to explain. This place offers great and unique ideas. I love that about them. I also love the atmosphere. It's beautiful. I like the service. I hate the pizza! We came in and ordered some unique pizzas. We waited a good 30 minutes before our waiter, beating around the bush, told us he forgot to put our order in. Another 20 minutes went but and we were served "pizza" with literally black spotted crust. It was burned I assume because they were trying to hurry after forgetting about us. I can forgive them for that.

I can't forgive the fact that the pizza was mostly plain pizza crust with a few crumbles of toppings. I don't know, maybe I'm just old fashioned but I like my pizza to be covered in sauce and toppings. I like there to be flavor with every bite! These are not things you find while eating at Pizzeria 712.
Somehow people like this place and continue going! I think it's because it looks cool but secretly inside, I think people are silly for enjoying this place!

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