Sammy's Cafe

Alright, Sammy's is not your average restaurant as far as looks go. This place is hip, colorful and full of fun. I enjoy their wobbly bar stools and the counter you get to sit at. When the place is packed, which is usually is, you end up getting a little friendly with those sitting around you. It adds to the experience.

Their burgers are burgers. Supposedly they are amazing. In my book, they are better than fast food but not as good as Smashburger. The first time we went, we loved everything about it. When we had a bunch of family in from out of state we were excited to bring them in to Sammy's! I was more than strongly disappointed that literally half of the 8 burgers were burnt. As in, they were dry, close to black in color and tasted like burnt butt. Sorry but it's true. Their only redeeming quality was... well there wasn't one. I was ashamed to face my father in law who paid a lot to feed all of us lunch and was served a discussing burnt burger as his prize. We're still getting laughed at by our family and guests about how horrible this place was and I'll agree. On that day it was nasty.
Don't let that one experience stop you from checking this place out thought! If nothing else, you HAVE to try their pie shakes. They take a actually piece of pie and throw it in the blender with some ice cream and there you have a shake! They are delish and probably the most note worthy item on their menu!

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