3 Sons Italian Restaurant

3 Sons is a cute little restaurant located in Arvada. It's relatively new and we were excited to check it out! We called ahead to make a reservation so we wouldn't have to wait as long. The silly lady hung up before we could give her our name though. When we arrived we weren't all too surprised that they hadn't reserved a table for us. It was going to be a 30 min wait they said.

Wow. Luckily the manager or owner seated us at an empty table. She may have heard us talking/complaining about how we saw 4-5 different tables open. It turns out the kitchen was backed up about 45 minutes. That wasn't a problem though. This place served bread and olive oil with balsamic vinegar so we snacked on that. We also ordered garlic bread. 

One of us ordered Rigatoni Pomodoro . It was probably our favorite of the four dishes. It was sweet, creamy and the sausage was great!

The least favorite of ours was the marinara sauce. We all agreed that it was about as good as the sauce you got in elementary school from the cafeteria. 99.9% sure it came from a can. At any rate, my husband wasn't a fan of his Parmesan chicken. Well, he loved the chicken. He hated the noodles that were coated in the "sauce". Take away the noodles, the Chicken Parm was great!

Their lasagna wasn't too bad. I'd say it tasted like regular lasagna. We liked it.

I love pizza and thought we needed to try theirs. I chose the BBQ Chicken & Pineapple pizza. It was my personal favorite! I loved the caramelized onions!! I was impressed with the quality of the chicken and the cheese! The crust was average crust. I was happy with it's texture. Not burnt, not doughy. 

3 Sons is a fine restaurant. I'd choose Armando's over this in a heartbeat but since it's so far away... 3 Sons will do. I'd just recommend staying away from anything with their marinara sauce.

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