Park Burger

Park Burger is a stand alone, locally owned, upscale burger joint. It's decor is hip and modern. Go on a random week night and you'll find it packed with people and full of life.

The more we looked around the more we realized this place was a lot like Smash Burger!  Just like Smash, they serve the burgers in the same metal baskets! They have haystack fries! They even offer choices of burger sizes and toppings. They offer beers and may have more variety there. Anyway, we had to ask the owner if he copied SmashBurger. He surprisingly said no, though I still have my suspicions...

I ordered the mini park burger, which is 1/3 lb patty. I picked haystack onions and Swiss cheese as my toppings with BBQ sauce. I loved it! I think they toasted the buns after applying the BBQ sauce which gave it an amazing texture and flavor!

My husband ordered their El Chilango. It has jalapenos, house made guacamole topped with cheddar cheese. He enjoyed the fresh beef and really loved their guacamole. The owner explained that his goal was to provide high quality, fresh ingredients and even make what they can there in the restaurant. I think their pickles may even be home made! 

I wanted to try their fries so my husband ordered "The Works" which are fries topped with the fattening stuff... cheese, bacon and onions. I was un impressed with the fries. That hardly ever happens. We were talking with the waitress about it and she explained that they usually use fresh potatoes and make their fries there. Since it's not potato season their potatoes aren't fresh and far from the quality of their home made fries.
Guess I'll have to come back in the fall and see if she's right!

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