The restaurant I miss most from Utah is Wingers, hands down! I'm a little surprised to see that it isn't highly rated by others. 

This weekend we were lucky enough to land ourselves a lunch at this fine establishment.

We were in a hurry and were grateful to our waitress who got us in and out quickly. The service here is always wonderful and no mater the location you find yourself at, you'll be surrounded by their cool stainless steel walls and ceiling.

I ordered my favorite, the quesadilla which their chicken and sauce. I love the crispy chicken, the sweet, spicy and tangy sauce! The melted cheese really complements the flavors too. It is served with their creamy wingers sauce to dip in. It too is quite delicious!

One person in our group ordered a burger. It is complemented in the wonderful wingers sauce and is said to be quite tasty if you are in the mood for some beef. I really enjoy the fries they serve with it. They are so soft and seasoned a little on the heavy side, which in my opinion, equals perfect fries!

Wingers of course is a place that focuses on their chicken. They serve normal wings as well as boneless. I recommend sticking with anything with their chicken. You will love their original sauce too!

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