Jewel of India

My husband and I have been a little hesitant to eat out since our sweet baby was born in November. You never know who is baby friendly, who has high chairs and how the baby will behave is a whole other story. Luckily we chose to come to Jewel of India on our first family date. It was a spectacular choice! We felt like we were on a date sitting in this well decorated restaurant. Our server even lit a candle at our table all the while our baby was sitting in a highchair that they provided for us.  The wait staff loved her and were very willing to do anything to help make the baby feel welcome too. 

We started our night off right with Vegetable Samosa and Chicken Pakora. I fell in love with the soft, flavorful Vegetable Samosas while my husband loved the Chicken.

In a typical Indian restaurant food is served family style. I love this as it gives my husband and I the opportunity to serve ourselves as much as we want. I'll be honest here, Indian food isn't love at first sight but once you taste it you are sure to be pleased! On the left you'll see the Chicken Saag. Chicken Saag is a creamy spinach based food filled with amazing flavor. Above the Saag is the rice which is delicious when mixed in with the sides. Then there is the Tandoori chicken. I love the simplicity of this meat. It's well flavored and was perfectly tender too! Below the Chicken is Lamb Rogan Josh which is a Lamb Curry. Finally we have the Dal Makhani which are creamed lentils seasoned with garlic and ginger.

I have a special place in my heart for Saag so I can't deny that it was my favorite of the meal. They served all of this with fresh, warm Naan. I really enjoyed their soft Naan and appreciated how fresh it was!

If I could, I would share this treat with the entire world. This here is why I write a food blog; to let people like you know that you need to stop what you are doing and go try these! They are called Gulab Jarnun which according to their menu are " Milk Balls in syrup and rosewater".

This is Kheer. It is a rice pudding with a very subtle flavor. I think my husband appreciated a dessert that wasn't too sweet.

Do yourself a favor and order a Lassi. This was a Mango Lassi which is simply a mix of mango and yogurt. Our daughter and I loved sipping on this special treat!

Jewel of India was a jewel indeed and by far one of my favorite restaurants to visit. The owner was very friendly and kind. The servers were great and the environment was perfect! If I were you, I wouldn't hesitate to try this place out! You can even order it to go!

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