Del Taco

Del Taco sent me a really neat package requesting I try their new Crunchtada.  Fast food isn't really our thing and the last time I had fast food, I got food poising so I was a little nervous about this endeavor.  My husband, being a typical boy, was excited for free food!

We had a $5 gift card and 3 people to feed so we went with the dollar menu. Since we were asked to try the Crunchtadas we each got one of those and I then let my husband pick whatever else he wanted off the dollar menu. We've never been to a Del Taco so we were excited to try a few of their items.

We started by eating our simple, dollar menu Crunchtadas. We didn't realize at this point that they had fancy ones that come with chicken or beef so the ones we ordered didn't have meat. If you are like me, you are wondering what in the world a Crunchtada is. It's a toastada but with a nicer shell. So, you start with their tasty, crunchy shell and top it with beans, a sauce, lettuces and tomatoes. It's simple. At first I thought it was a little too simple, lacking a depth of flavor but I kept going back for another bite. I really like that shell! I'd order one again  but next time I'd order the chicken one.

We also tried their bean and cheese burrito which was just as you'd expect it to be. We had beef soft tacos which were also right on par with Taco Bell.

The items we were most impressed with were number one, the chicken taco. The chicken has just the right amount of flavor. It's real chicken and it's cooked to perfection. This chicken taco isn't anything fancy, it's even on the dollar menu but I feel like it's quality is above average fast food quality.

The other item we were impressed with is their Premium Shakes. If you sign up for the Del Taco emails you receive a free Premium Shake on your birthday! We of course had to make a second trip out for the free shake! I ordered strawberry. We were yet again impressed with the quality Del Taco had to offer.  It felt and tasted like real ice cream! They even top it off with whipped cream. It was so yummy and it was big enough for our family of three to share and enjoy a special birthday treat. If I were you I would go sign up for that free Birthday shake right now! It's so worth it!