Fuzzy's Taco Shop

While we were at the Buick Tour we test drove a Buick (go figure). The Buick representative that rode with us mentioned his friend who moved to Colorado to open a taco chain/franchise. He told us that Fuzzy's is a chain in the east and he raved about it! He described to be like Chipotle but for tacos. My husband likes tacos so we figured we better give it a try!

We walked into the new Arvada location (the only location in Colorado) and felt like we were in a collage town. The vibe here is very cool. It's fun and energetic!

Once we finally figured out where the line starts, we headed over to order our food. They have created a little hall that forms the line so it's hard to see that a line even exists. Anyway, we decided what we wanted and placed our order. They ask for your name at which point you go find a seat and wait for them to call your name over the intercom.

I had heard that their nacho plate is pretty big. I was starving and sharing my plate with my daughter. Plus, I love nachos so that sounded perfect! My husband of course ordered tacos. He got one tempera fish taco, one grilled fish taco and one pulled pork taco all with soft shells.

Within a few short minutes our came was called. It's true, the nacho plate is pretty big! I quickly dug in. My food was cold. The cheese wasn't even melted and the chicken was room temperature. I was really hesitant but I did what I've never done before. I had my food sent back and asked them if they could microwave it. I hate to be difficult but I am pregnant and really can't afford the risk getting a food born illness or something. That and who wants un-melted cheese on their nachos?

In the mean time my husband ate his tacos. He wasn't impressed that his corn taco shells were cool. Actually, he wasn't too impressed with the tacos as a whole. He compared them to Whaoo's Tacos and we all know he hates Whaoo's! I took a nibble to gather my own opinion. I thought it was tasty. I liked the flavor of the tempera fish taco.

Once my husband was finished with his meal my meal came back. I am so glad I sent it back! It was much more edible once it was warm. The giant plate of chips was topped with a white cheese sauce, shredded canned chicken, a few pinches of real cheese and a couple pieces of lettuces and tomato. There was also a really yummy cilantro sauce drizzled on a few of the chips. That sauce was the best part! Other than that these nachos lacked flavor.

Overall we were pretty un-impressed with Fuzzy's. I highly doubt we'll be back.

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