Efrain's Mexican

370+ Reviews and 91% "Like It". You would think then, that this place must be good. It's not.

Efrain's is supposedly Mexican food. Gary lived in Mexico for a couple years so when a restaurant claims to be Mexican and ends up being Tex-Mex, he walks away disappointed. This was the case with Efrain's.  To make it worse, this was his birthday dinner.

I read up on reviews before we headed out so I knew what to avoid and/or what Efrain's specialty was. I found that almost everyone agreed that the best thing here is the Green Chili. I had to try it but I didn't want just Green Chili for dinner so I ordered a plate of nachos with a cup of Green Chili to eat with it. I am so glad I ordered the chili! If I hadn't I don't know that the nachos would have been worth eating. I was pretty disappointed in the obvious canned chicken and huge pile of lettuce that was blanketing my chips.

Gary ordered the Efrain's Burrito which is apparently the chef's choice then topped with a sauce dependent on how hot you want it. Gary said hot so he got the green chili. It's a good thing because that's the only reason he said the burrito was worth eating.

Basically, Efrains is not really Mexican food and we really didn't enjoy our food. I'm not sure if we got them on a bad day or what but I'm really wondering how they have so many great reviews...

 Ok, so you got me. The fried ice cream is good. I'm a sucker for sweets though...

...and I do appreciate it a lot when a restaurant goes out of their way to make your special day a little extra special with a free treat and Efrain's does do that!

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