We are invited to a birthday celebration at Cinzetti's this past week. I'm not a fan of buffets first of all because they cost more than they are worth to me. I can only eat about a half cup of food before I'm stuffed! Second of all, they usually taste like cafeteria food. Overpriced cafeteria food is not something to be excited about.

I was immediately impressed with this place. I liked that you can see the cooks adding fresh food to each buffet section. They even had a crepe station where the guy makes the crepe right in front of you and you add whatever innards you want! They have a pasta row, a pizza row, a meat row and what seemed to be a fried food's row. You can also find your typical salads.

I scooped up a bite of just about everything that looked appealing to sample it all! I was brave and tried their fried calamari. It was great! I loved it! I also really enjoyed their Pesto Pasta. The pasta of the day was Pene in was a creamy four pepper sauce. I would suggest they put that on their permanent menu.

I was in heaven with the dessert row! I was impressed that they had actual Italian desserts including Gelato, Connoli, tiramisu and many others.

Most of the food was of buffet quality. There were a few dishes that were certainly worth getting more of. We liked their Bruschetta, pizza and the pasta of the day the most.

I probably wont go back for the reasons I first stated but for a buffet, this place is pretty fancy! Our waiter told us that on Saturday's they have brunch with breakfast foods that are worth checking out! Weekday dinner is $13 something per person. They are more pricey Friday-Sunday but weekday lunches are cheaper so that is certainly the best time to check this place out!

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