If you find yourself really hungry and near a Tucanos, I suggest you go in and treat yourself to one of the greatest dining experiences! This buffet style restaurant is top of the line and probably shouldn't even be lowered to the classification of a buffet. At all. 

It has a large salad bar filled with many salads, potatoes, breads, seafood, pastas, veggies, fruits, meats and sauces. I must also mention that their mashed potatoes will knock your socks off!

But the salad bar is just a side note. This place is about the meat. It is here that you will be offered an unlimited amount of top quality, flavor bursting meats.

The pineapple here is a highlight! It's grilled with a sweet glaze that makes this warmed juicy fruit a real treat!
This happens to be one of my top favorite meats they bring around. It's garlic flavored  sirloin.