SunBurst Grill

This week we wanted to try Filipino food. Turns out there are only 2 restaurants in Colorado that serve this cuisine; one in Denver and the other in Colorado Springs.

We of course weren't sure how we were going to determine how authentic this food was since we haven't had anything like it before. Turns out the SunBurst Grill is a family run business and the owners are from the Philippines. In fact, they have only been in America since the 1980's! The food is very authentic and the owners will be thrilled to tell you about Filipino culture and all about the food!

We were welcomed by an adorable waiter. He started us off with an appetizer called Lumpiang Shanghai, which is a shrimp and pork egg roll served with sweet and sour sauce. It was amazing!

For dinner, I ordered from their Filipino Breakfast menu. I choose the Tocino which is "sweet pork marinated with spices, caramelized sugar served with garlic rice, 2 eggs and pickled papaya". I wasn't sure if I'd like it but I love sweet things so I figured I'd be safe.

Our guest ordered Grilled Milkfish stuffed with tomatoes and onions, also served with garlic rice. It ended up to be huge! So he and my husband shared. It came out looking like a whole, uncut fish. When you opened it up though, it was filled with steaming hot goodness!

We also tried Chicken Adobao. I wasn't sure I'd like it since it's sauce is soy sauce, vinegar and other spices. I'm not a fan of vinegar but this dish was far from vinegary. It was actually my favorite item! I'd order that as my main dish in the future!

A sample of Kare-Kare was offered to us. We were hesitant to try the "oxtail and tripe served in it's peanut based stew" but it really wasn't too bad. It was actually quite tasty and I'm thrilled to say I've tried it!

For dessert I hardly had room but had to try the Turon. I believe it's banana and jackfruit cooked like a spring roll. It was great! It was sweetened to perfection in its hot crispy shell.

Oh, and I can't forget to mention the Calamansi juice! Wow! It was delicious! It's made from Calamansi fruit. The owner described it to be a cross between a lime and an orange. It was divine! Be sure to add that to your order.
I was very pleased with my experience at SunBurst Grill. I'd go back in an instant. The service was astounding, the food was superb, the decor is bright and cheerful and the prices are amazing! It’s a bit of a wait getting your food but it’s worth every minute!

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