Armando's Ristorante & Pizzaria

We came to check out Armando's because it has received awards for best pizza a few times. I’m a pizza girl. This is a pizza place. I love all pizza but let me tell you, if you like gourmet, hand tossed, handmade, amazing toppings then Armando's is going to win your heart.

This is the pizza I ordered. It has Prosciutto, red onions, garlic, basil leaves, tomatoes with a olive oil base. Sounds like heaven and well... it tastes like it too! I liked the crust though it was a little harder than I like, but hard thin crust is popular these days. Overall, this pizza was amazing! It was even better the next day as leftovers too!

I wish they had an online menu. I could tell you what this dish is... It's their pasta in marinara sauce topped with a ton of cheese and a sausage. The waiter told us that their sausage is made fresh locally! As much as I LOVE pizza, this dish is tied in deliciousness. It's a heavy meal too so it worked out to feed my hungry husband dinner and lunch!

I loved Armando's and wish it were located closer to my house. We don't usually repeat restaurants but Armand's is worth it! They have great service, in fact, it's a family run business. As you can see, they offer crayons and paper to color on as you wait for your food! Best of all, they truly have some of the best Italian food in Denver!!!!

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