Tucanos Brazilian Grill

Tucanos is unlike any other restaurant I have been to. First of all, it's a buffet. I generally stay away from buffets because I don't eat enough to make it worth it (still the case for Tucanos) and I prefer my food fresh from the kitchen. At any case, this place is astonishing.

Their salad bar is decent. My favorite item in the buffet is their mashed potatoes. Don't worry though; the buffet isn't what brings people to this place. It's the meat; the endless, delicious, juicy meat. Servers come around with different cuts and types of meat. All of it is cooked to perfection and well seasoned. My favorite item that they bring around is grilled pineapple! It's so juicy and sweet! If I could, I'd eat just that for dinner.
If you’re a meat eater you will love all that Tucano's has to offer! With their buffet style service you are sure to walk away so stuffed you can hardly stand up straight. While you are there, don't forget to try their Brazilian Lemonade. It's a milky, sweet yet bitterly sour drink that you'll love! Well actually, order any of their special drinks and you’re sure to fall in love!

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