Tepanyaki Japanese

If you like to be entertained while you eat, check this place out! I personally like the experience of Tapanyaki more than the food specifically. Their food is average in my own opinion but the fact that they turn your onions into a volcano makes up for it.

At Tepanyaki you sit around a grill and watch your food being prepared right at your table! The chef will toss shrimp at you and if you’re lucky, it'll fall into your mouth! You get to watch as they season, chop and stir away. They cook one item at a time and split it with those who ordered it so eating is a phase. You may eat some food, then sit and wait a couple turns before you get your second item.

The food is like I said, average. It's overpriced for what you eat. In fact, it's over priced even considering the show they put on while preparing the food. As far as flavor goes, I don't think Tepanyaki stands out.

You will be impressed with the cook though!

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