Casa Bonita

As a Colorado resident I felt it my duty to check this place out. I went with the absolute worst expectation in the world. I expected to get dry heaves at the smell and sight of the food. This expectation made ordering very difficult as I found it hard to bring myself to pay $12-$15 on something I'd just throw away.

One thing you should know about Casa Bonita is that they serve you cafeteria style. In order to enter and have a seat you must order a meal. This is a very wise tactic otherwise no one would order the food!

I ordered the Nachos or as some call it, "Nacho salad". My husband ordered their combination plate since it's all you can eat and comes with chips and salsa and all you can eat sopaipillas.

My nachos came with a surprising amount of hamburger. It didn't have much cheese though. I didn't mind eating them, they were pretty eatable. They were certainly different and very salty but they weren't bad at all. I'd stick with that if I ever have to go again.

My husband didn't like any of his food so he filled up on chips and salsa, which you have to request by the way, or they won't give them to you. The sopaipillas are all the rave but we couldn't really enjoy eating them. They didn't have an other flavors. You can top them with honey but to me,  sopaipillas should have fruit and whipped cream, even a little cinnamon sugar.

The entertainment was the best part. If you have kids, you may want to check this place out. I wouldn't of had as much fun if we didn't have a little child with us. She made it a great experience. Adults wouldn't really appreciate the entertainment more than once and really won't like the price of the food for it's quality.

They have an awesome little cave you can go through! I loved it! They also have cartoon portraits you can have done and a old fashioned, western photo shoot.  There is a cave full of arcade games for the gamers too!  Oh, and you can't forget the souvenir shop filled with Colorado and Casa Bonita trinkets. They really have it all!

Overall, I will say that Casa Bonita is a very unique restaurant and I'll have a hard time finding anything like it. People should go once to say they have been there but that's basically the extent of the thrill of this place. The fact that there is a whole South Park episode dedicated to the place is pretty awesome!

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