Twisted Olive

This is a view of the entry way from where we were sitting.
A view of the upper lounge area

Our waiter suggested these fine wings as his favorite appetizer.  They are blackened chicken with a tangy kick. I loved them. The meat was juicy and the flavors were outstanding. 

I ordered their Chicken Artichoke Panini with a side of fries. I wasn't impressed with my first bite as it was dry and flavorless. I went in for my second bite and was pleased with my cheesy, soft delicious experience. I actually really enjoyed eating this dish. At $9 the Panini may be the best deal on the menu.

 We splurged and ordered my husband the 16 oz steak with a side of asparagus, his favorites!  He dug in. Then he wanted to spit it out. It was more fat than meat. Fine, that's not their fault it's the cut of meat. Away he went again. Ew. He said the butter topping left a vomit flavored after taste. I didn't believe him, thinking it was probably a high quality cheese he wasn't enjoying. I took a bit. Yum! I didn't think it was nasty. Until I got to the after taste. He was right. I don't know what kind of "butter" that was but it was gross. At any rate he eat half the steak anyway giving funny faces ever few minutes.  I guess the $25 steak is $25 not well spent.

I highly recommend their chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. The crunchy sweet chocolate and tangy soft strawberry is quite a treat! I especially loved the white drizzle on top.
Our waiter was very kind and made our un-impressive experience a bit more sweet. He was even kind enough to introduce us to two of the owners. I might add that they are the least friendly owners I've ever met. With hardly putting forth an effort to stop his other conversations to say hi for a minute I found my self to be in their way. If they were the determining factor, I'd give this place an F on customer service. Luckily they hired a nice waiter to make me think otherwise.

Overall, the food here was not exceptionally wonderful. If you want a fancy night of Martinis I highly recommend you check this place out! As far as your dinner is concerned, save yourself and maybe eat some La Sandia next door.

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