Jack N Grill

We were looking for a fun place to dine this week and landed at Jack N Grill. I was excited to eat here after watching Man Vs Food's episode. They serve burgers and Mexican food and even use fresh roasted peppers on almost all their items.

When we arrived we were not sure we would get a seat inside since is was so packed. Luckily we were seated right away in the corner of a busy room. I was really happy that we were seated right next to a huge window looking into the kitchen. I loved looking in and watching the cooks work their magic.

We took some time deciding what to order but finally had to order the 7 pound burrito since we were here for the adventure! At only $15 I'd say it alone is the best deal in Denver! We also ordered Carne Adovada Tacos to share as well.

The Adovada tacos were not as tasty as I expected but I think I may just not like Adovada. The four of us shared the huge, cheese topped mountain of a burrito. It was packed with potatoes, eggs, green chilies, ham and bacon. It was spectacular! I loved all the flavors. We all stuffed our faces for a good half hour and still didn't find the center. We asked for to go boxes and happily left with our tummies full to the brim and pounds of food left for today's lunch!

We had a coupon for free Sopapilla Bites with our dinner. They were so good! With strawberry syrup drizzled on top, sprinkled with cinnamon and a scoop of whipped cream for each of us this dessert was devoured within minutes. We thought we were full but apparently we still had room for this great treat!

The service was great. The food came quick. I loved my whole experience and can't wait to go back! I think I'd even order the 7 lb burrito again too. It was THAT good!

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Jack-n-Grill on Urbanspoon