My Brother's Bar

Indian wasn't sounding very appealing this week so we changed our plans and found ourselves at My Brother's Bar. It turns out it is the oldest bar in Denver, which is pretty impressive! The cutest thing I saw was very elderly man talking with a little kid. I didn't think much of it until my waitress told me he's the owners brother and he's in his 80's! That is dedication.

We were turned on by the fact that this place offers a veggie burger which would accommodate my vegetarian friend. He ended up with the veggie version of the Hooper. It came with cheese, krout and a special sauce. He was quite pleased with the taste, texture and really enjoyed his veggie burger experience.

My husband and I split our two orders in half so we could each try each others food. We ordered the Johnnyburger with regular beef (you can order steer or bison). The Ticky Turkey was our other choice and we shared a combo or fries and onion rings.

The Johnnyburger was extremely cheesy with it's Swiss, cheddar and cream cheese. It also has jalapenos which added a nice kick to it. The Tricky Turkey was incredible but a tad on the rich side. It had bacon, turkey and jalapeno cream cheese. I loved the creamy spicy with the sweet yet salty taste from the bacon. It was great especially if you enjoy rich foods.  I really enjoyed the crispy battered onion rings. They may be my favorite item of the night. Rather than the crumbly breading, these rings were coated in the real nice batter that gave them a real home made taste.

We loved our experience at My Brother's Bar. Though it's a bar with many variates of beer, this place is very family friendly! They even have a kid's menu and crayons and paper for the children and will spoil them with a balloon and crayon shaped cup. The staff was kind and very attentive.

You may want to take note that this place does not have signs on the building. Turns out they have never had a sign and plan on keeping it that way. You will recognize them for their "Girl Scout Cookie Headquarters" signs in their windows. The owner buys $20,000 of girl scout cookies each year from different troops. He then sells them but not for his own profit. You can't help but admire that!

The thing you may like best about My Brother's Bar is the surprisingly cheap bill you'll be handed at the end of your scrumptious meal. For the three of us we escaped with a $24 bill! About $7 per person. Don't pass this place up! It is amazing in every aspect and you are sure to love your experience.

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