Pei Wei Asian Diner

I have seen a couple Pei Wei's around. Loving Asian food, I had my mind set that I would try their food. Today was my lucky day! We had to leave for a few hours and didn't know what to do. After our tummies growled, I thought! Perfect! We can go try Pei Wei's!

My husband ordered Pad Thai, but that's no surprise. I had a hard time deciding but ended up taking the request of another customer. Dan Dan Noodles it was! I love trying new foods so I was excited!

We chose to have our food to go, or as they call it, Take Away. May I suggest calling in your order if you decide to take this rout. We waited a decent amount of time considering we got to watch them cook our food fresh behind the counter but it did take a good 10 minutes.
Once we got our food we left anxious to try our delicious smelling food! We hurried home and whipped open the bag! I had to sneak a bit of the Pad Thai before it was devoured. It was really quite tasty. Nothing out of the ordinary as far as Pad Thai goes.
I dug into my Dan Dan Noodles. They were a bit spicier than I had expected and had a taste I was unfamiliar with. I wasn't sure I liked it actually and found myself wishing I hadn't taken the suggestion from a stranger. A few bites into it I began to really enjoy the food! Pretty good really. I'd recommend them.

Sadly, I am very sad to report that I was one of the few very unfortunate customers who had what I hope is a fluke mishap in my order. At about 3 bites in I found myself a black, one inch hair in my food. Gag me! I thought I'd be kind, and disregard the whole thing. I scooped out a chunk and continued eating. I then chomped down on a hard as a rock piece of something. Let’s just say I really lost all appetite and gave up on my Pei Wei experience for the day.
At any rate, I'm sure Pei Wei's is a great Asian Diner. I'd love to try their food again! I honestly believe I was just one very unfortunate customer who came across two strokes of bad luck.

We went back for a second try and had a great experience. We liked it so much that we went back a 3 time and even took a friend!
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Pei Wei Asian Diner on Urbanspoon

Pei Wei Asian Diner on Urbanspoon
Pei Wei Asian Diner on Urbanspoon
Pei Wei Asian Diner on Urbanspoon