Jerusalem is a cute little restaurant located just a block from Denver University. It's been family owned and run since it opened in 1978! Don't be deceived by the outside appearance, there is plenty of room inside to fit all that come to enjoy the food! They even have an outdoor patio area "upstairs". 

Jerusalem offers Mediterranean food. We weren't shocked to find that they offer the same foods as the Phoenician Kabob, which also serves Middle Eastern food. Anxious to see if it's just as amazing as the Phoenician Kabob, we immediately ordered two different combo plates.We were impressed with how fast we received our food after ordering. It didn't take longer than a good 8 minutes!

The food came with pitta bread to take the meat and one of the dips to eat it like a sandwich. I loved that their pita opened to stuff the food inside, rather than having to fold it up like a taco. I also loved... well I loved so many things I'll just make a list.
  1. The Yellow Rice, which tasted like yellow curry! It was the greatest rice I've ever had. Ever! And I don't even like rice!
  2. The meat! The Meat combo plate comes with Sheesh Kabob , Kifta Kabob , Chicken Kabob. Know, there was also this sausage like meat on the plate. I can't figure out what it was. I know it wasn't the Kifta, Chicken or the Sheesh Kabob so I'm clueless... Either way it was the greatest! All of it was perfectly seasoned and cooked to perfection!
  3. The Falafel was spectacular.

We all enjoyed our experience and obviously loved the food! We didn't leave room for dessert but with their little deli case of options all under $4 we just had to pick a few to take for later. They were spectacular! They are pretty small portioned so be sure to try some, even if it's to go!

I was very please with my Jerusalem experience. The owners are sweet and kind. They obviously put a lot of love and effort into this business and it shows! Check out their amazing web site! I enjoy clicking on the labeled pictures to learn more about what each food item is!

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