Hot Tomato

While traveling to Utah for a wedding, we decided to find an actual restaurant rather than settling on fast food. We stopped and asked some locals in Grand Junction Colorado for suggestions. They pointed us in the direction of Fruita to find a pizza shop called Hot Tomato. 

We entered the tiny town and quickly found this place. It's a hip little pizzeria that is perfectly suited for a college town. We asked the lady at the register what we should order. She suggested Granny's Pesto which is "Made with a base of (their) mouth watering Basil Pesto, then topped with Mozzarella, Garlic, Feta Cheese and Tomatoes". Really, it's probably one of the best pizza experiences I've ever had. The Feta was top quality, the pesto was incredibly flavorful and delicious!

We ordered a Stromboli to try since they looked so good! I'm really glad we did. I loved the meaty, cheesiness of this dish!  It was a perfect combination of ingredients.

If we ever end up in Fruita again (which we will) we are not going to hesitate to stop here! 

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