We were in Utah for a friends wedding. The groom spent the morning of his wedding day with us and requested that we head all the way up the mountain to enjoy a great breakfast at Ruth's. 

There is some controversy concerning these biscuits.  Some say they are worth the long drive up the mountain others say they are over rated. I say they are pretty amazing and almost worth the long drive.

This is the chicken wrap that was on special for the day. I wish I had ordered it. It looks pretty amazing and I hear it was as good as it looks!
I ordered a salmon omelet with a hollandaise sauce. It was really good! I wish I could have finished it but I realized a couple bites in that as a pregnant lady, I can't eat hollandaise sauce!!
This is my husband's salmon that was also on the daily special menu. It was pretty amazing! I actually ended up eating half of it once I realized I couldn't eat my own breakfast.
These are the biscuts and gravy I kind of wish I had ordered! Do they not look amazing? The girl that ordered them laughed when she got them as they were seriously large!
I was impressed with Ruth's Dinner. It had an amazing atmosphere. I even suggested that the back yard/ porch area would make for an amazing place to have a wedding! 

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