Smash Burger! My #1 favorite burger

You may have heard of this place... it originated in Denver and is rapidly growing. There are now chains in California, Arizona, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma... (I was going to list all the states but found that it's now in over half of the 50 states)!! It appears that everywhere a Smashburger makes an appearance, suddenly a burst of Smashburger chains show up. What does that tell you?

What makes this place the best? First of all, the burgers are made of 100% fresh Angus Beef, never been frozen. Their buns are fresh and original. Similar to Subway, you can pick which kind of bun you want. This is just the beginning. Once you've picked the bun (or lettuce), you pick the weight of burger you'd like, what kind of cheese, sauce and veggies you'd like on it. They even offer toppings like guacamole, bacon, fried egg... onion rings! Don't tell me it gets better than this!

If your like me and hate making choices, you can just select a burger from the menu. There are even special burgers made for each state!! For example, in Idaho they had a burger that is served on a Potato bun with potato chips! Weird! Sadly, there is no Colorado burger...

If you'd like a little more, or just a side, you can pick between fries, seasoned fries, fried veggie sticks, haystack onion rings or chili. If your really feeling bold you can order beer or a yummy Haagen Dazs shake!

Honestly, I don't really even love burgers but I'm in love with Smashburger.

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