Phoenician Kabob

Last night we went out to eat at a Mediterranean restaurant. None of us had previous experiences eating Mediterranean cuisine or anything like it. Luckily the manager, Jamel, was kind enough to guide us along our way. Not only did he tell us his recommendations, he explained what each food was.

We ended up ordering an appetizer called Fatayer Bi Sabanekh, which is a pastry stuffed with spinach, onions and pine nuts. It was served with a cucumber dill sauce to dip the pastry in. When it arrived we were excited as it looked and smelled delicious! Once each of us bit into it we were extremely impressed with the unique yet amazing taste.

*This is the Fatayer Bi Sabanekh (after we already eat some).

As our main meal we ordered a Vegetarian Combo plate which comes with Falafe, hummus, Baba Ghanuj, tebbouleh, and stuffed grape leaves. We also ordered a Meat Combo Plate and ordered the chicken, lamb and kafta meats to go with it (you pick 3 of 4 meats. We didn't order the beef). It also comes with hummus and a garlic paste, rice and a basket of pita bread. You then put what you want onto a pita bread and eat it like a taco. I was very happy with the two plates that we ordered. They were beyond delightful in taste, texture and presentation.

*The top plate is the vegetarian combo and the one on the bottom is the meat combo plate.

One of our guests tried a wine that Jamel suggested. He said it was a very high quality wine. Since I don't drink I will take his word on that.

Eating such decadent foods made me wish the experience would never end! Thankfully Jamel then talked us into trying their baklava for dessert. I sadly, didn't know what baklava was but once it hit the table I fell in love! With a phyllo dough crust and sweetened nuts in the center, each bite is like Heaven! It was the perfect ending to a perfect night!
*The amazing baklava!

As you can tell, I highly recommend this restaurant. It tops the charts with it's tasty food, amazing customer service and the atmosphere. Honestly, this is my new favorite restaurant and I hope you check it out!

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