Rose Garden

Work was slow, our tummies were growling... Chinese sounded good... so we called in an order from the Rose Garden. I shared a plate with a co-worker to save some money and since I can't eat a whole meal myself. We had a hard time picking which one to order since there were so many options! We finally picked Almond Chicken.

I was highly disappointed with the choice. I don't know if it was the restaurant's food I didn't like or if I just really dislike Almond Chicken but I wont repeat either. The fried rice was even un-tasty. It tasted like old refrigerator and didn't have meat or veggies in it, so basically it was just rice with some soy sauce. I was really looking forward to the "egg roll"! When I saw it I knew right away that it wasn't an egg roll, it was a spring roll... if you'd call it that. It wasn't like any spring roll, egg roll or veggie roll I've ever had. It was not worth eating at all.

I'm sad to report that I highly disliked my Rose Garden experience.

This was another co-workers meal. I hope his was better than mine!

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