Cherry Cricket

This morning, our plan was go to check out Snooze for breakfast since Saturday is the only day we can make it before it closes at 2:00. I was really looking forward to our visit. Once we got there we realized that for some odd reason, there were about 30 people sitting in the hall. We soon realized those 30+ people were there waiting for their turn to be seated. We went up to the desk and asked how long the wait was. The lady told us about an hour. We were shocked! I don't care how good the food is, I'm not standing in line for an hour to eat. So we left.

At this point it was 11:00 so we thought, why not hit up Cherry Cricket since it's just around the corner? Knowing it is Denver's #1 most popular restaurant according to Urbanspoon, I was expecting we'd have to wait at least an hour, just like Snooze. Luckily, we got there right before the huge lunch rush! We walked right in and sat down, no waiting. We ordered and BAM! Huge amounts of people started flooding in the doors.

It's clear why too! Their burgers are divine. I ordered the "Little Cricket" with white cheddar cheese, grilled red onions and guacamole.  I couldn't finish it so I had to hand it off to my husband with about a 1/4 of the burger left. He had the regular size 1/2 lb. "Cricket Burger" with onions, guacamole, salsa, American cheese and bacon. I think he was really hungry... he ate the whole thing!

My husbands huge burger!

The burger was the messiest burger I've ever tried eating but it was worth the mess! It was juicy and flavorful. The toppings are around $1 to $2 each but they are large portions! I enjoyed my sweet, crunchy yet soft onions and the white cheddar cheese was perfectly melted. The guacamole was delicious too! A simply divine burger experience.

The fries are just as good, if not better! We had their shoe string seasoned fries. They were soft (which I LOVE) and seasoned to perfection. I had to hold back from overeating. Our vegetarian friend found plenty of options on the menu to try. He actually had a hard time deciding between the Combo plate and the Avocado melt sandwich. He went with the sandwich and loved it!

Sandwich and Fries!

Overall I'd say this place was amazing. I loved the burgers. The fries are the best fries I have found in Denver. The service was great. The decor wasn't anything worth mentioning but decent enough. Cherry Cricket is really a place you must try!

Check out their website!

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