Bonefish Grill

We were treated to Bonefish Grill last night as a birthday gift to my husband. Those among us ordered Fillet Mignon with garlic gorgonzola butter, salmon and  Kobe Beef burger with a side of chips. My husband ordered their seasonal special, Shrimp Pad Thai and I had fish and chips.

Apparently the fillet Mignon was burned on the outside and too bloody on the inside but other than that it was a delicious tasting steak!

The Salmon and lemon butter was a great choice according to my father in law. He especially enjoyed the flavors of the lemon butter.

My brother in law ordered the Kobe Beef burger and was impressed with it's goodness! I was expecting the "chips" to be french fries since that's a common side dish to burgers. I was shocked to see that they literally meant chips. I thought that was silly for such a nice restaurant but I'm sure they were tasty.

I decided to keep it simple. Fish and chips. They were about what I expected. The batter was extra crunch. The fish was great, though I'm not sure what kind it was. The menu didn't say but it was a white meat. I enjoyed their extra citrusy home made tartar sauce too!

In my personal opinion my husband ordered the ultimate dish! It was far superior to all the rest. The Pad Thai was served with three sauces on the side. One of the sauces was a jalapeno with salt and pepper sauce. Simple, but amazing! I couldn't help but dip each french fry into it and saturate it was this phenomenal sauce! If I were you, and you like pad Thai, I wouldn't don't pass this seasonal dish!

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Bonefish Grill on Urbanspoon
Bonefish Grill on Urbanspoon