Cafe Mexicali (amazingly great food!)

This past weekend we decided to explore Ft. Collins. I of course looked up the most popular restaurants in the area so we could check them out. I was half excited and half skeptical about Cafe Mexicali. I was told by a friend that it's a lot like Chipotle or Qudoba. I certainly am not one to drive an hour and a half to check out low quality, Americanized Mexican food.
 I had been studying the menu and had my mind set on this Corn and Onion Quesole. I wanted this since it comes with guac and a few other unique sauces. It helps too that I love quesadillas which is pretty much what this is.
I was incredibly happy with my decision to get a quesole but after tasting my husband's steak quesole I was jealous.
 The steak quesole was heavenly. It made the hour and a half drive worth it. The steak was juicy, tender and perfectly seasoned.

We decided that the quesole dish is best consumed by cutting the quesole up into bite size pieces and mixing it in with the lettuce, guacamole, tomatoes, chipotle sour cream and drizzled with the creamy hobanero sauce. This combination was quite amazing. It was even better once we both combined our dishes together creating an onion, corn and steak quesole. Certainly I have to say that the steak is essential. I would seriously consider driving all the way back to Ft Collins to eat this again. It was that good!

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