Beau Jo's Pizza

Pizza is one of my favorite foods. I could eat it daily and never grow tired of it. Now that I've lived in Colorado a few years I figured it was time I try a Mountain Pie!

We ordered the 2 pound Italian Chicken Mountain Pie. It starts with their creamy garlic sauce and is topped with Italian seasoned chicken, scallions, mushrooms (we substituted with tomatoes), provolone and mozzarella cheeses all in their super thick white crust. It really was delicious! I savored every creamy bite.I was a bit disappointed at how skimpy the toppings were though.

The thing that makes Beau Jo's special is the huge crust that comes attached to these "Mountain Pies". The crust is the bulk of the pizza and has a great texture. They serve honey to eat the crust with so you end up getting pizza and a dessert all in one! I have a massive sweet tooth so I loved this!!

I am pretty easy to please and I was happy with this place but it is highly over priced. For $20 my husband and I could easily buy 2 pizzas the size of the 1 we got here (minus the huge crust) and they each would have twice the toppings.

The issue is this... pizza dough is cheap. It's the toppings that cost the restaurant. In my opinion, they need to either  lower the price a bit or be a lot more generous in the amount of toppings they put on. I do agree that they can get away with higher prices for the vanity of their unique crust and they certainly are not hurting for business. I just can't see myself going back knowing I can get a lot more for my money elsewhere.

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