Kroger Dinner

I am a member of BzzAgent. As a member we get to try products for free. Once we've tried it we then "buzz" about the product, good or bad. 

We got invited to try a dinner made only with Kroger products. We received coupons for free Pork Tenderloin, crescent rolls, pre-made mashed potatoes, a cake mix and frosting. My family was so excited to have our Kroger dinner! My husband asked me almost everyday until I finally made it last night. It just sounded so yummy!

When I opened the pork, it smelled a little like eggs. After some online research I found that's normal for vacuum packed pork. I brined it as suggested to lessen the smell. When it was time to cook it I seasoned it with garlic and rosemary.

I baked the mashed potatoes in a glass dish since I don't like using the microwave. We also baked the crescent rolls.

I love how easy it was to make dinner! It didn't take much prep which was really nice!

I love mashed potatoes so I tried those first. I was pretty unimpressed. At first I thought they tasted stale or like the refrigerator and the texture wasn't the same as home made mashed potatoes. I added garlic salt and that made all the difference in the flavor! They were so good!
The crescent rolls were fine but we like our rolls warm with jam. We laughed as I pulled out the jam from the fridge and noticed it was Kroger brand. That raspberry jam on those warm fresh rolls were a hit!

Now for the best news! The Pork Tenderloin was amazing. It was so good that we all agreed that we will buy it again. It was incredibly moist, tender and the flavors were outstanding.
Now, no one in my house likes plain cake. We made pineapple upside down cake instead. I was impressed with how yummy the butter cake mix was! I'll use that mix again next time we make a cobbler or upside down cake! We used the frosting on graham crackers and of course that was delicious.

Overall we were happy with Kroger products. The only one we'll probably avoid are the potatoes. We had such a great experience with their meat that I went out and bought a Kroger spiral cut ham for our Easter dinner! I'm pretty excited.