Marcos Coal Fired Pizza

Last night my little family of three went out for what may very well be our last family night out before our new arrival. I can't believe I had never heard of Marco's Coal Fired Pizza before this! With hundreds of online reviews you would think I would have at least heard of it. Nope.

Since I found a handful of comments raving about the wings at Marco's we figured we had better try them. I really don't love wings. I'll eat them but I don't find them to be anything special. I expected this to stand true at Marco's yet I was blown away by their wings! The quality of chicken itself was great. They marinate the chicken and it's clear that they use fresh herbs that gives these wings the amazing pop of flavor. As I said, I'm not a wing fan but I would order these again!

My favorite food is pizza so I was extremely excited to try what Marco's has to offer. We ordered a simple Margherita so we could really focus on the quality of the pizza. Gary was instantly impressed (which rarely happens) with the quality of each ingredient. He first commented on the basil. I loved that they had large chunks if not whole leaves of basil on the pizza. The fresh mozzarella was the freshest cheese I've ever had on a pizza. It was all amazing. Gary was bummed that the pizza didn't come with tomatoes on top but he was impressed with the chunky tomato sauce.

Now here is where things get serious! We ordered the Pistachio pizza because it sounded unique and we both love pistachios. This pizza comes with a pistachio cream as the base and is then topped with fresh mozzarella and sweet Italian sausage.  If any food I've ever tried deserves the title "Best Food Ever" it's hands down Marco's Pistachio Pizza. It's more than worth every calorie, every penny and every second of time you may spend getting your hands on this stuff. As I always say, we prefer trying new places when we do eat out. Marco's Pistachio pizza is worth the return. I can not wait to take another bite of that amazing pizza!

Marco's clearly offers authentic pizza cooked in their imported fire ovens. I love that you can taste the freshness in their ingredients and even though I may not be an expert in pizza making, I can tell you that their pizza crust is as good as it gets. It's cooked to perfection!

Since their pizza was so good that my husband ate most of  it, I had a little room to sample some of their desserts. We started with a Cannoli. I loved the ricotta filled pastry! Once again, I could tell that it was freshly made and had top of the line ricotta inside. So good! I also had a bite of their Tiramisu which as just as good as the Cannoli. The textures were perfect unlike others I've had in the past.

As a seasonal item they are currently serving Panna cotta. We love Panna cotta so of course this was a hit. Just as he did with the pizza, Gary devoured this dessert. He's not a dessert person but this Panna cotta was certainly the exception. The creamy, lightly sweetened creamy treat was amazing.

I hope I've made it clear just how amazing Marco's Coal Fired Pizza really is. From the service to the food you will only get the highest quality here. I can't wait to go back!

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