Del Taco

Friday night Gary came home with all three of Del Taco's new Epic Burritos.  I was hungry and kind of excited to see what these giant burritos had to offer. They look like what you would find at a Chipotle or Qudoba.

      The first flavor I tried was the Steak and Potato burrito. It includes carne asada steak, french fries, bacon pieces, chipotle sauce, cheese and sour cream. The steak has great flavor! I really was impressed. The french fries were an interesting twist but they were surprisingly great in the burrito. I really thought the bacon, the sauce, the flavors in the steak and the cheddar cheese all worked really well together.  I love the American twist in this burrito!

Next I tried the Chicken Chipotle Ranch burrito. I thought for sure this would be my favorite. I have been impressed with Del Taco's chicken and I love chipotle and ranch. It just sounds perfect. I'm pretty sure that they forgot to put on the sauce though, so what we got wasn't very flavorful and it certainly didn't have any signs of ranch or chipotle. The lime rice was good and the bacon and chicken tasted great as always. My husband and I both loved the simple freshness the lettuce gave to this concoction.  I would order this one again just to see if we did in fact miss out on the sauce. 

The last Epic Burito is the Fajita Burrito. You can order this with chicken or beef. Since we love the chicken we went with that. It comes with black beans, guacamole, cotija cheese and the meat of your choice. This burrito was really pretty good. I thought it had way too many beans in proportion to everything else but there was also a lot of guacamole which kind of made up for it. While this burrito was still good, compared to the other two it's nothing special. The beans were just too overwhelming for me.

We also gave their poppers a try. They were tasty! My two year old especially enjoyed these dipped in ranch. 

While I had something to nit pick at with all three burritos, I was overall impressed. Del Taco is fast food yet they make sure their ingredients are fresh. They take dry beans and slow cook them at each location daily. They don't use pre-grated, flour coated cheese but rather, grate their cheese right there. The chicken is freshly cooked and never frozen. The veggies we've had have all been fresh and good. With that being said, it's still fast and it's cheap. These Epic Burritos are only $5 each. Compared to Chipotle or Qudoba, these things are close to the same size and I liked the fact that they weren't 80% rice and beans like Chipotle's burritos. These are a good value and they taste good. It's also worth mentioning that Del Taco has superb customer service! The manager told us if they have it, they will make it for you. So, if you want an Epic Steak and Potato for breakfast but you'd like to add in some eggs, go for it! I like that about these guys.