Wahoo's Fish Taco's

The atmosphere was pretty cool! All decked out with snow boarding gear and stickers!

Good presentation! Looks Amazing!

This week we decided to go try Wahoo's Fish Taco's. I'm not sure if this is a chain or what but one of our friends had recommended it. Gary LOVES fish taco's so we were excited!

We ordered a plate of fish tacos, one in each flavor and a plate with a shrimp burrito and a Carne Aasada enchilada. The photos above are the two plates we ordered.

The fish taco's were good. Tasty but only a bite of fish per taco AND! this place didn't have salsa! What taco restaurant doesn't have salsa?!

The shrimp burrito was by far my favorite item! It was amazing!!!!

All together the food was decent. My biggest complaint is that you really don't get what you pay for. It was $16.50 for our two plates and water to drink. I wasn't hungry when we went and I was far from full when we left. Sixteen dollars would be a fair price if we would have been satisfied but more than half the plates were filled with flavorless rice and beans. We love fish tacos but we will not be going back to Wahoo's... ever again.

I'm sorry that our first restaurant review was a negative one. It's actually rare we find a place we're not in love with! I'm sure next week will be a more positive experience!!

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