Panda Express

I'd like to know... Who hasn't tried Panda and LOVED it?! I've treated myself to Panda Express more times than any other restaurant I'm sure. I know it's fake, MSG packed fast food Chinese but Wow! I can't resist the great taste.

My favorite item is the Panda Bowl. I almost always order the chow mein noddles with orange chicken. I've tried their new sweet fire chicken, pepper chicken, spring rolls, fried rice, sticky rice, chow mein... the list goes on. It's all wonderful and to me, non of it tastes fried and unhealthy. The spring rolls have a slight hint of a fried taste but everything else is high quality and un-fried.

I love Panda as a quick, cheap, yummy Americanized Chinese food. I'd recommend that all Chinese lovers try it, you'll find yourself addicted!

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